Middle East

A high-end gold covered stopover option for honeymoon couples is the Middle East. Three of the World's Best Airlines connect honeymoon couples via Dubai (Emirates), Abu Dhabi (Etihad) and Doha (Qatar). So if you are heading out on a long haul flight and want to include a stopover on the way then the chance are you could combine a 2-3 days break in the Middle East to chill out in the sun or by the pool, eat, drink and chillax...Alternatively, the Middle East is becoming a growing popular honeymoon destination in its own right. The luxury hotels, breathtaking landscapes and once in a lifetime activities can make a honeymoon everything you ever wished for!


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Destinations in Middle East

Couples shouldn’t underestimate the honeymoon potential of countries in the Middle East. Home to some of the most incredible cuisine, luscious Mediterranean coastlines and luxury accommodation, a honeymoon in the Middle East has so much to offer.

Couples who are looking for a luxury beach holiday with no expense spared should consider cities such as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates or Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. You won’t find a higher standard of service or a more deluxe experience anywhere else.

Famed for its nightlife and culture is the incredible city of Beirut in Lebanon. Once known as the ‘Paris of the Middle East’, Beirut offers couples the chance to experience the authenticity of Lebanon whilst surrounded by a modern and metropolitan environment.

Couples who want to really educate themselves and dive into the true culture of the Middle East whilst on honeymoon should consider cities such as Tripoli in Lebanon, Tel Aviv in Israel and Petra in Jordan. There are no better places to learn about the history of countries in the Middle East and each one of these cities has something incredibly unique and special to offer couples.

One thing which absolutely has to be explored no matter where you honeymoon in the Middle East is the cuisine – each of the 15 official countries and nations in this remit will have their own take on Arabic, Mediterranean and Asian food but we can guarantee none will disappoint!

Five Things to do During Your Honeymoon in the Middle East

During your honeymoon trip to the Middle East, you have to try and tick off as many of these things as possible.

Eat somewhere incredible – Whether it’s traditional shawarma and tabbouleh in Lebanon, the famous kufta and shakshouka in Israel or another authentic dish, you absolutely have to experience Middle Eastern cuisine during your honeymoon trip.

Splash the cash – If there’s one thing they really know how to do well in the Middle East (except cook!), it’s shopping. With designer boutiques and huge malls all over the place, you’re bound to find somewhere to spend your wedding gift list money!

Be a tourist – Every country in the Middle East has more than enough sights to keep couples well and truly busy during their honeymoon. From the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, experiencing the touristy sights is a must!

Explore the natural wonders – Whilst they may not have made the official ‘7 Wonders of the World’ list, there are a variety of natural points of beauty in the Middle East that many consider a ‘wonder of the world’ including Jeita Grotto, the incredible caves in Lebanon and The Dead Sea which spans over Jordan and Israel.

Enjoy the coast – With the gorgeous Mediterranean sun beaming over you during your honeymoon in the Middle East, it’s only right you spend some of your time soaking up the incredible weather on one of the Middle East’s many coastlines.

Not sure where to stay during your honeymoon? Browse our collection of idyllic hotels and resorts to begin planning your trip of a lifetime.

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