Italy is a fantastic place for a honeymoon, with its picturesque scenery, delicious cuisine, fascinating history and let's not forget the amazing wines! There are so many beautiful places to visit in Italy and with easy internal transport routes, you could easily enjoy more than one place on your romantic honeymoon break. So whether you want to sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views of Sorrento, ride a gondola through Venice or relax on the white sandy beaches of Sardinia, there is plenty to enjoy in Italy.


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Destinations in Italy

Italy has so much to offer as a honeymoon destination. From its rich history and culture, to stunning landscapes, mountains and coastlines, the home of Romeo and Juliet is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places to visit in the world. Known for its amazing food, beautiful lakes, and exciting cities, Italy has so much to see.

Whether you want to marvel at the wonders of Ancient Rome, travel through Venice by gondolier, or go shopping in Milan, you will be spoilt for choice when planning your honeymoon to Italy.

For those seeking a slower pace, Italy can offer a truly relaxing break. From the stunning coastline of Amalfi, to the unspoilt landscape of Tuscany, Italy suits a variety of honeymoon styles and budgets.

Italy also has many beautiful hotels and resorts to choose from, positioned perfectly for you to explore or unwind as you wish.

Five Things to Do During Your Honeymoon to Italy

Admire the art, history, and architecture Italy has to offer - From the wonder of the Colosseum and the beauty of the Sistine Chapel, to the iconic Renaissance masterpieces of Florence, why not take a tour of Italy’s finest landmarks. Take a stroll around the cities to see some of the most fascinating buildings and ruins in the world, before retreating back to your hotel to relax.

Explore the beauty of Italy - Away from lively city life, there are lots of stunning romantic places in Italy to relax during your honeymoon. The beautiful beaches, glorious vineyards and rolling countryside make Italy the perfect rural retreat. Try a trip to the lakes, or a tour of the wine regions to switch off from the buzz of the cities.

Enjoy the local cuisine - Try delicious Italian food and wine from many of the traditional family-run restaurants Italy has to offer. Many are set amidst beautiful surroundings, making your dining experience even more memorable for your honeymoon.

Immerse yourself in city life - Visit the shopping capital Milan, sip fine Italian coffee or simply enjoy evening drinks in some of Italy’s beautiful rooftop bars. From historic Rome to vibrant Naples, you will find the perfect city for you.

Discover the Italian Islands - The clear waters and sandy beaches of Sardinia are worlds away from city life, with many well positioned, luxurious hotels & spas offering a taste of pure paradise. Try visiting the Aeolian Islands to experience the healing qualities of the volcanic springs, or travel to the island of Capri for a truly indulgent relaxing honeymoon treat.

With so much choice, why not take a look at some of our carefully selected hotels and resorts which offer the perfect start to your honeymoon in Italy.

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