Greece is not only rich in history and tradition it also has some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe. A honeymoon in Greece is perfect for relaxing and taking in the Greek culture. The mainland provides the culture of ancient Greece and some fantastic quiet beaches or you could spend your time island hopping across some of Greece's beautiful islands which each in turn offer something different. You could experience the romance and luxury of Santorini, enjoy water sports in Kos or head for the nightlife in Mykynos.


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A honeymoon in beautiful Greece offers couples an array of stunning scenery, delicious food and fascinating culture. With so many breath-taking views and interesting monuments to see, you could easily spend your time simply strolling around the islands and soaking up the atmosphere.

When planning your honeymoon to Greece you may picture the whitewashed villages of Santorini or the fine beaches of Crete, perhaps you like the idea of a more lively atmosphere and want to head to vibrant Corfu. If you’re fascinated by history, why not delve into the world of ancient Greece, and explore the Greek mythology of the islands.

With such an eclectic mix of unspoilt beauty, fascinating history, vibrant nightlife and delicious food, Greece truly offers something for every honeymoon style.

Five Things to Do During Your Honeymoon in Greece

Visit the capital - If you’re looking to explore the ancient history of Greece you will love visiting Athens where you can marvel at the architecture and historical buildings. Take in the wonder of the Acropolis and stroll amidst the ancient landmarks of this fascinating city.

Visit the Greek Islands - From the white washed buildings and blue skies of Santorini, to the clear waters and sandy beaches of Zakynthos, every Greek Island has something special to offer. Whether you’re looking to relax or to seek out a more lively atmosphere, a honeymoon in the Greek Islands will surpass your expectations.

Eat Greek food - From delicious traditional Souvlaki to mouth watering olives, cheeses, Dolmades and moussaka you will be spoilt for choice with a wonderful feast of Greek food. Why not find a traditional Greek restaurant, or book a special meal looking over some of the fine landmarks of the island to celebrate your honeymoon.

Explore the history - Not only are there some amazing buildings and monuments to visit, there are also many stories of Greek mythology to explore. Discover the tale of the Greek God of Love, along with many other unique myths of the islands.

Visit an olive grove - When visiting Greece you will notice olive groves throughout the landscape. Why not visit one of the world-famous producers of fine olives and olive oil. If you’re lucky enough to visit an olive grove during harvest season you will see how families celebrate the season, often still picking their produce by hand.

A honeymoon to Greece offers so much choice. With so many beautiful beaches, landscapes, buildings and monuments to see, you can design your perfect dream holiday. Take a look at some of our favourite hotels in Greece to make your trip extra special.

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