Greece’s Best-kept Secrets for Honeymooners

Both the Greek mainland and the countless islands scattered throughout the surrounding sea play host to thousands of visitors every year. Travellers visit Greece with friends, family and a great number of weddings – the hashtag #santoriniwedding has been used on 118,000 posts on Greece Honeymoons Instagram! But there is another group who flock to the Mediterranean nation in their droves every year – honeymooners. The azure blue seas and crisp white houses that can be found all over Greece make for the perfect romantic spot to start life as a married couple. For those couples who want to experience Greece but don’t necessarily like to follow the crowd, Haven on Earth have put together a list of some of the best spots off the beaten path for lovebirds to enjoy.


A favourite of celebrities, the island of Hydra is an exclusive, attractive vacation spot that many honeymooners will love. Hydra is a 2-hour ferry ride from Athens, making it easy enough to visit for the day but some couples may be lucky enough to book one of the limited places to stay on the island for longer. Cars are banned on Hydra, filling the island with an air of nostalgia and making your experience there one of calm, casual exploration. For lovers of the classical, ancient stone mansions are dotted across the island, while lovers of the cosmopolitan are sure to enjoy the stylish bars and restaurants.


Serifos is an island which has yet to be discovered by the masses, making it perfect for an exclusive honeymoon getaway. The capital, Chora, sits on a hill, looking out onto the Aegean and is considered one of the most picturesque villages in the Cyclades. Serifos boasts 81 metres of coastline and a total of 72 beaches. Given that this island plays host to fewer tourists than some of its neighbours, there are high chances that off-peak visitors may have some beaches all to themselves.


One of the most romantic cities in all of Greece, Nafplio is part of the Eastern Peloponnese, looking out onto the Argolic Gulf. Explore the traditional streets of the city, take in the picturesque views from the promenade or spend the day relaxing on the beach. Travel up the 990 steps to the Palamidi Castle which offers breathtaking views and heaps of history to be uncovered. Nafplio is also home to Bourtzi, a Venetian fortress positioned just off the coast of the city and the most photographed location in Nafplio. This fortress was connected to the mainland by an iron chain which defended the city from attackers by sea during the time of the Venetians. In the summer, tourists can visit the islet and explore the fortress, learning all about the rich history of the region.


Being the site of the discovery of the Venus de Milo has cemented Milos’ position in art history forever. However, it is the natural beauty of the island that makes this such an enjoyable destination for visitors. Having erupted from the sea thanks to volcanic action thousands of years ago, the island is littered with obsidian and gemstones, with a now disused sulphur mine sitting on one of the 70 beaches that skirt the island’s coast.

An atmospheric island still mostly undiscovered by tourists, Milos is the perfect place for couples looking to avoid the crowds on their honeymoon. On top of its historical claims to fame, the island is well known for its excellent seafood so visitors should ensure they make time to take in the local dishes during their stay.

Monastiraki and Psirri

For honeymooners in Athens who want to avoid the tourist traps must explore the neighbourhoods of Monastiraki and Psirri. Situated just north of the crowded neighbourhood of Plaka at the foot of the acropolis, Monastiraki and Psirri are the places that local Athenians go to eat, shop and chill out. Visitors to this area will find plenty of more reasonably-priced bars, restaurants and shops away from the traditional tourist bustle for a more authentic local experience. The neighbourhoods are also filled with eye-catching street art which is sure to make for a great picture and will be perfect for artsy travellers looking to immerse themselves in the real Athens.


Another Greek island that shuns cars, Symi must be explored on foot. However, this means that travellers can take the 500 steps up from Little Symi port to the acropolis and enjoy the view out across the Aegean. Many travellers reach Symi by ferry from other islands such as Rhodes nearby. The ferry trip over gives visitors a stunning view of the houses lined up along the coast which are all decorated in different crayon-like colours. For those staying on more populous islands during their honeymoon, Symi is the perfect getaway filled with unique experiences.

A real hidden gem, Astypalea is a stunning butterfly-shaped article situated where the Dodecanese meets the Cyclades. While on Astypalea, visitors can stroll through the capital of Chora, with its imposing, ancient castle square in the centre and the gleaming white-clad churches dotted through the pile-up of block-shaped houses. The real attraction of Astypalea, though, is the sandbar beach, a small, 100m-wide strip of land which connects the two halves of the island and forms cove-like bays on either side. Here, you can enjoy the sights of the surrounding landmasses or take a swim in the glassy waters.

Each of the islands that make up Greece has its own unique charm and there are plenty of exciting, romantic places to visit on the mainland for any kind of couple spending their honeymoon in the Mediterranean. For a unique holiday exploring some of the best places off the beaten track that Greece has to offer, try and arrange a visit to any of the places on this list for an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

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