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Tropical surroundings, luxury villas and suites are part of the desire to visit Ubud, Bali, we chat to the General Manager of The Purist a Balinese boutique resort in Ubud which offers honeymoon extras for couples who book direct.

We spoke to the General Manager at The Purist Villas in Ubud, Bali who revealed these top tips for a honeymoon at this distinctive property.

The Purist Bali Honeymoon

From Bed to Private Pool in One Swift Roll

Why should couples choose The Purist Villas for their honeymoon?

Located in the heart of Ubud, The Purist Villas offers views of natural serenity along with unique design. Each of our rooms is well designed and well furnished with an ethnic touch.

The Purist Bali Ubud Honeymoon

Natural Serenity with a Unique Design

What makes The Purist Villas romantically unique from other resorts?

Each of our rooms and villas are totally different and full of mystery. The resort is also well known for its privacy. Even if you don’t book one of our double-bed villas with a pool, you can still feel the luxury, privacy, intimacy and romanticism from the comfort of your balcony, terrace or your own bedroom. 

The Purist Bali

Honeymoon Style Chill-out Sundeck

What are your top recommendations for things to do whilst honeymoon couples are visiting?

Enjoy our in-house romantic dinner or floating breakfast, our spa treatment and couple package, a traditional cooking class or purification tour with Balinese blessings to ensure that our guests fully enjoy their honeymoon.

The Purist Villas, Ubud, Bali

Peaceful Surrounds and Traditional Balinese Treatments

What should all honeymoon guests ensure they pack in their suitcase for their visit?


What would you recommend for honeymoon couples to do in order to relax in Ubud?

Explore the culture of Ubud and see how the local people live. Blend with them to see their pureness or take part in one of our top activities call the Ubud Herb Walk. Also, enjoy a masterpiece of art from the famous painter Antonio Blanco,  or simply take a relaxing walk at Tjampuhan Ridge.

Where is the best spot on the island for couples to hideaway?

Ubud is one of the best spots for sure, and they can also travel to nearby islands such as Gili or Nusa Island.

Click here to find out more and make contact with The Purist Villas, Ubud directly.

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