Helping couples save money and have the best possible honeymoon, the platform dedicated to linking engaged couples directly to resorts has launched, and has already seen accelerated growth this year as hotels focus on direct bookings. Created by Tom and Pree Scruby, the British couple hatched the idea after researching the costs and benefits offered by hotels whilst planning their own honeymoon.

Honeymoon Style saves the couple money and reduces the hotels’ heavy commission charges from Online Travel Agents, by displaying the hotels’ direct booking offers and highlighting extras that the couples can expect to receive for booking direct.

Honeymoon Style

Connecting couples directly with the hotel owners

“Many hotels offer substantial discounts, space available room upgrades, complimentary couple massages, champagne, gifts, candle-lit dinners and many other benefits to secure a direct honeymoon booking.
We have created one handy place to find all of these direct offers and connect directly to the hotel staff to enquire and book.”

Pree, Head of Marketing said, “We wanted to create a platform that solves a problem for the hotels and for couples – removing the need to book through a third party. The hotel is willing to pass this saving on to the happy couple in the form of hotel property benefits.”

The engaged couples are encouraged to contact the hotel’s preferred booking channel in order to take advantage of the offer. Also, by talking directly to the hotel staff, couples can receive the best customer service possible. The hotel is already aware that the couple will be celebrating their honeymoon, and therefore can make sure that their holiday starts in style.

The site is selective when it comes to partnering with hotels, only listing high quality honeymoon style resorts who have strong direct booking offers and/or discounts. Pree added, “The average honeymoon costs USD6,000 and we want to make sure that all of this goes towards securing the most romantic and enjoyable honeymoon experience possible.”

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