3 unusual honeymoon ideas off the beaten track

We all want to enjoy a honeymoon to remember. The stereotypical trip to the Seychelles or the Maldives is increasingly popular, but what if you want to do something a bit different? Something more adventurous, more original and (let’s face it) something more exciting? Before you venture down the road less travelled, make sure you’re covered for possible disasters such as lost luggage and then take in our tips for three unusual honeymoon ideas that are slightly off the beaten track.

1. Miavana, Madagascar

The locals in Miavana, Madagascar

This incredible island, stranded off the coast of southern Africa, is truly a dream destination. It may not be easy to get there but when you do you will be confronted with rainforests, deserts, crystal clear waters and a variety of incredible wildlife such as the native lemurs. Miavana is hidden away in the north of the country and there you will find an incredible eco-lodge that is secluded, private and built with the environment in mind. Fear not: luxury comes as standard and by the bucket load. There are 14 sprawling beachfront villas, each with their own private swimming pool (of course). Activities include boat trips to spot whales and dolphins, lemur safaris and diving with sea turtles. It is heaven on earth.

2. Cartagena, Colombia

Columbia Honeymoon destinations

Cartagena Columbia Honeymoon destination

Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, may not be an obvious destination for honeymooners. But, fear not, this is a romantic, historic and delightful town, packed full of incredible cathedrals, cobbled streets and stunning town squares. The beaches are beautiful and the atmosphere lively – this is modern Colombia and it is a lot of fun. The recently opened Tcherassi Hotel is the place to go. The building was a Spanish-built colonial mansion, and has been transformed into an uber-cool residence full of polished wood and white walls. It is a beautiful place to stay. The nearby salsa bars will tempt you to dance into the night and the food scene is truly incredible.

3. Aravalli Hills, India

Hidden away in the hills above Jaipur is the spectacular Aravalli Hills. Situated in Rajasthan, which attracts more than 30 million visitors every single year, Aravalli is a remote mountain range with incredible views over beautiful valleys and hidden towns. If you are willing to answer the call to adventure, then you will do well to stay at the stunning Fort Bishangarh. It is a building that dates back to the 1400s and feels like it is a part of the landscape. Nearby Bundi is a wonderful place to visit; with narrow alleyways and a myriad of fascinating shops and eateries. Situated on a hillside, it is a truly charming place to spend time. Once you have caught your breath and familiarized yourself with the region, take it up a notch and drive to the Jawai Leopard Camp, which is not far from Udaipur. There you can sleep in one of the 10 beautiful air-conditioned tents – this is glamping, not camping – and the next morning you can leave early and track tigers with the expert team of rangers. India Honeymoons is an incredible place, but this is a quiet corner that will leave you lost for words.

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