Hotel Guide to Rewarding Honeymooners Who Book Direct has listed the most popular special touches which Hotels can offer couples who book direct. When a couple chooses to book direct, the Hotel saves distribution costs and the couple can be rewarded with ‘soft dollar’ benefits to help enhance their romantic trip.

A honeymoon is a once-in-a-life-time experience and a significant investment, costing couples $6,000 on average. We believe that those working in hospitality have a moral obligation to make honeymoon couples feel special, which also has a powerful impact on the couple’s choice of accommodation, booking method and their overall perception of the hotel itself. Honeymooners also tend to share their experience before, during and after their honeymoon via social channels.

Book direct and save

Top 8 Book Direct Benefits for Honeymoon Couples:

1. Airport Transfers
Offering a complementary one-way airport transfer is one of the most powerful ways to convince a honeymoon couple to book direct. By bundling accommodation and transfer into one, the couple can look forward to being greeted at the airport, and enjoying a smooth journey all the way to their Hotel, where they can start their romantic vacation. A high percentage are also prepared to pay for the return airport transfer.

2. Champagne on arrival
A bottle of bubbly on arrival is a subtle, simple touch that doesn’t cost the earth, but can actually help sway a couple’s decision to book direct, and help the couple’s honeymoon start with a pop.

3. Room set up
Organising a romantic set-up in the guestroom or bathroom in advance is a sure fire way of pleasing a honeymooning couple. This could include a rose-petal bath with candles, or an in-room flower and chocolate display, waiting for the happy couple’s arrival. By being creative, the couple will feel extra special and not just the same as any other guest residing in the property.

4. Dinner under the stars or private table
Is there one particular dinner table located in a special corner, or a private room which may be regarded as the best seat in the restaurant? Or perhaps there’s an option to set up a table in a romantic secluded outdoor spot or on the beach? A private dining experience under the stars is a great added extra that couples will remember for a very long time.

5. Flowers or gifts in the room
Providing a beautiful flower display or a simple gift is something that could really enhance a couple’s stay. A daily gift of a simple flower, chocolate or small fruit platter, along with a personal thank you message is a lovely way of showing your appreciation that they chose to book direct.

6. Massage or Spa treatment
Honeymooning couples are usually very keen to enjoy at least one massage during their special vacation. By offering a complimentary couple’s massage, or a simple discount can help to convince a couple to book direct with you. The perceived value is far greater than the actual cost.

7. Room credit for dinner, drinks or other treats
When a couple decides to book direct, this can save the Hotel significant distribution costs, so why not offer them a reward? This could be in the form of room credit which the couple will ultimately end up spending during their stay. Some Hotels offer up to 15% of the daily room rate as credit.

8. Suite or sweet room upgrade
It’s often not possible to offer a room upgrade at all honeymoon properties, but it is possible to persuade guests to book direct and choose your property for their honeymoon. Providing them with a better room option along with those special little touches will show them that you are prepared to go that extra mile for them to have the best honeymoon experience possible.

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