Honeymoon Planning Timeline

Newly engaged? Wondering where you should start with honeymoon planning? There is no need to worry, our honeymoon planning timeline provides you with all you need to know about the hows and whens for honeymoon planning

First engaged

  • Plan a budget – So the ring is on the finger and you have one hundred and one things going around your head as what you need to do. One of the most important places to start is to plan your budget. This budget should cover all wedding costs and honeymoon costs.

This will then get you in the right place for understanding what type of honeymoon you can realistically afford and will set you on the right path for honeymoon planning.

12 months ahead

Once you have decided on a wedding date we suggest you start planning your honeymoon 12 months ahead. (If you are getting married in less than 12 months then start as soon as you can)

  • Research – You will want to spend some time researching into the different possibilities for your honeymoon. It is important to think about all the necessary things you expect from your chosen destination.

Some of the important things to consider are:
– Weather. What is the weather like at the time of year you plan on honeymooning? If its rainy season, is it really where you want to go?
– Activities. Will the resort provide you with all the things you wish to do?
Local politics. Are there any problems going on in that country that may affect your time there?

  • Pick your destination – Once you have spent some time researching all the possible options decide on a destination and explore the hotels on offer. This is when your research will continue as you look into the different types of accommodation and what is important to you.
  • Contact the hotels direct Once you have found your dream honeymoon hotel always contact them direct to discuss what you are looking for and get the best possible price. Most hotels will always offer the best price guarantee for booking with them direct as they save on any travel agent commission charges. And don’t forget to mention that it is your honeymoon to see what exclusive extras they can add in for free.
  • Book flights – Once you have agreed on a hotel package it is time to book your flights and confirm your dates.

3-6 months ahead

  • Book a hire car-  If you need a hire car to get around on your honeymoon then now is the time to get it booked. Make sure you search different companies to get the best price available.
  • Check passports and visas-  Do you need to renew your passport before you travel? Do you require any additional visas for the country you are visiting? Now is the time to get these sorted. You will have enough things to worry about as the wedding gets closer so get these things sorted and out of the way.
  • Order travel insurance-  If you require travel insurance (many of us get this free with our bank or other sources so make sure you check first) get this arranged now. As with everything else with your honeymoon, do your research to make sure you are getting the correct package for the country you are visiting or activities you plan to do (many standard travel insurance policies don’t cover extreme sports such as skiing, skydiving etc)

2 months ahead

  • Book necessary immunisations–  If you are going to a country that requires immunisations to protect against deadly diseases then speak to your doctor and get these booked in. Your doctor will be able to advise on how far in advance you need to get these done and check that you are getting the ones you need.
  • Research activities that need to be booked –  If you are planning on taking part in any activities that are not already included in your hotel package then look into the best places that you can get these booked in advance. Planning these things before you travel will mean you don’t run the risk of the event being sold out and it may also help you get a better price.

1 month ahead

  • Make a packing list – If you are going on your honeymoon soon after your wedding then planning what you are going to pack in advance will take the pressure of you while you make sure everything is set for the big day. You will also be on such an adrenaline high after the wedding it is easy to forget about some of the essentials when packing.
  • Check all reservations – Double check all your reservations are in place and you know all the important dates and times.
  • Make airport transfer arrangements –  If you require transport to the airport get it booked now and make sure you allow enough time to get to the airport. The morning of your honeymoon should be an exciting and happy time, you don’t want to be worrying about missing your flight.

1-2 weeks ahead

  • Pack – Packing your suitcase in advance will mean you can sit back, relax and get excited about your first trip away as a married couple.
  • Print paperwork – Make sure you have printed all the relevant paperwork and it is packed away ready for the trip.
  • Exchange money- If you require a different currency for your trip make sure you exchange enough and ask or some small notes for when you first arrive in the country.

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