Where Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Go On Honeymoon?

Most of the country are on the edge of their seats to see the style of dress Meghan Markle will wear on the 19th May 2018 when she weds Prince Harry but what we are really excited to see if their honeymoon destination. The chosen destination is sure to see a huge boost in tourism so to help you get ahead of the trend, we have picked out some of the destinations we think could be on the Royal couple’s list.


We have already heard about the special camping trip Prince Harry took Meghan on in Botswana and the centre diamond of Megan’s engagement ring is from Botswana – this beautiful country definitely has special meaning to the couple and we wouldn’t be surprised if this was also their honeymoon destination of choice.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have holidayed in the Maldives previously. Filled with five-star luxury and – most importantly – privacy, it wouldn’t be a huge surprised if the newlyweds chose the beautiful Maldives as their honeymoon location.


Meghan has strong ties to Canada and lived in Toronto before relocating to the UK so a honeymoon in Canadamay be a natural choice. Meghan and Prince Harry love adventure and Canada offers mountain climbing, amazing wildlife and it’s also home to one of Meghan’s favourite jewellery brands – Maison Birks.


Meghan has previously holidayed in Italy and posted many photos of her trip to her Instagram account. Italy is just a short flight from the UK and is a perfect destination if the couple want to begin their honeymoon right away.


Prince Harry isn’t afraid to be different and perhaps the newlyweds will shun exotic holidays and instead take a tour of the UK so Meghan can explore the new country she has moved to.

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